get a first date package 


So you've connected with someone what?

Moving from digital to real life is tricky. You don't want to send your number too soon, or ask for hers, but you also don't want to spend weeks texting or emailing back and forth. 

The whole point of online dating is to meet in real life! And you don't want to get to know someone before the first date. Yes, you want to be sure they are someone worth getting to know, but a brief conversation to make sure you have things to talk about is all you need. 

This package will help you secure a date with the right woman for you and help ensure you have a good time with good conversation and hopefully lots of flirting! And of course, to get a second date. 

Here's what you get: 

  • 4 hours of one-on-one coaching calls – that’s one hour for each week of the month (can also be 8 x 1/2 hour calls)
  • 1 hour of dedicated writing help to fix your online profile/s, find a match, reach out and schedule a date
  • PLUS: 1 month of UNLIMITED text and email access to me so you can reach out from a date (while you’re in the bathroom, or she’s in the bathroom!), or anytime you get a message and need help
  • BONUS Webinar access: Why Your Dating Profile Sucks and How to Fix it 

Pricing: $499

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