Men: Get off online dating forever  



Guys, are you ready to say enough is enough? Have you had it with paying for dates that go nowhere, are a waste of time AND money and just don't bring a lasting connection?

I've been there! I did online dating for years. A revolving door of bad dates, men misrepresenting themselves, lack of attraction and boring conversation. 

But then I got smart. I started to enact some different strategies and the quality of my dates improved Dramatically! 

Isn't it time you ditched the apps and found someone who makes you excited to get up in the morning (literally!)?

I can help. 

Meet Danielle

For two decades I've been creating marketing content for global organizations and world-class brands like Discovery Channel, Visa, eBay, Dow Jones, TD Bank, Nickelodeon, Blue Cross Blue Shield and more.

I'm a highly sought-after Copywriter, Marketer and Branding Expert who has a knack for writing friendly and relatable content for all audiences. 

But you don't care about that. You want to know how I can help you and what makes me the right person to help you navigate the shit show that is online dating. Read on my friends...

Marketing and Branding Expert, Strategic Copywriter and Dating Coach 

Marketing and Branding Expert, Strategic Copywriter and Dating Coach 


My Adventures in Online Dating

I've been immersed in the online dating world for years. I even did Yahoo! dating before Tinder was a blip on the radar (and yes, that was a thing). Over the years my vast online dating experience has led me to write and blog about my adventures. So much so that friends started coming to me for advice.  

It got me thinking. If I was helping them write their profiles and message potential matches, maybe I could help other people as well. After all, with hundreds of dates under my belt, I had created an efficiency of selecting the best matches for me and meeting them in a timely manner. No endless texts. No pointless emails. A quick message or two, an exchange of numbers and a real life date. Because that's the point right? No one wants a pen pal. 

Making a connection IRL

It's the number one complaint I hear from online daters. It's easy to meet people but it's hard to meet people you connect with. Online dating has created a huge pool of applicants and many of us get so excited with all the variety that we forget to consider factors outside of physical attraction. It's like walking into a bakery. Yes, there are cakes as far as the eye can see, but you really don't like key lime pie, vanilla isn't your thing and too much chocolate gives you a headache. You really only order the same few desserts all the time because they're exactly what you want

Dating is the same. Just because you can have it all doesn't mean you should. Unless you want a stomach ache. I'm here to help you select only the best desserts and go home happy, not ready to puke. ;) And as a woman, I know what women look for online and in life. I want to set you up for success. Let's make it happen! 

Our packages


Get a first date package

Do you struggle to transition from app to real life? 

Perfect for men who want to get offline and meet dates in person but just aren't sure how to do it in the best way possible and when. 


Get a girlfriend package

So you've found someone amazing. Now what? 

Learn how to navigate those tricky first few weeks and months to help you discover if she's really worth investing in and how to create a long lasting romance. 


make it last package

Create a relationship that will stand the test of time and bring you long term happiness. 

Discover how to build trust and romance over time and understand how to have a loving and passionate long-term relationship. 

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