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Men, It's Time to Get Off Online Dating for Good

After years of the endless revolving door of online dating and countless learnings from this process, I'm embarking on a new venture. One thing that's become clear to me is the growing divide between how men and women communicate, especially in this age of digital interaction. And while there seem to be dozens of avenues for women to get help with dating, there don't appear to be many to help men. 

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An Open Letter to my Future Boyfriend/Partner/Husband

Congratulations! You’ve done the seemingly impossible. You’ve gotten me off online dating forever (hopefully) and made me insanely and deliriously happy.Although, you have greatly disappointed all of my social media followers. But I digress.

In all seriousness, I want to thank you and acknowledge you for so many things, so I thought I would write you a letter and share it with the world. Because that’s romantic, right?

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Choose You

Every morning I leave my building to head to CrossFit. I’m dressed in my gym clothes and have my enormous bag on my shoulder. I’m also usually holding my protein shake and coffee. And every morning there are people sitting outside my building…smoking. At 8am. Or earlier. Some of them have children. All are either obese or emaciated. There seems to be no middle ground. And it makes me wonder what they think when they see me walk by. Knowing I am doing something good for my body and they aren’t. Do they even allow themselves to think like that?

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What keeps you coming back?

I was warming up the other day at the box (That’s CrossFit speak for ‘the gym’) with a younger member and I asked him if he was doing the Open. Yes, he said, his first time. I asked if he’d been able to Rx (do the workouts as prescribed, without scaling the weight or movements) both workouts so far and he said yes. He’s only been doing Crossfit for 9 months. I told him it was amazing he could Rx already and that after 3+ years I still couldn’t Rx many things. He asked me, “What keeps you coming back?” I said, well, I’m an older athlete and it’s possible I may never be able to do certain things. But I can always get better and I can always get stronger. That’s what keeps me coming back.

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My first Podcast

I love Instagram. It's a fantastic medium. And as a creative type and visual person, the idea of having inspirational images at your fingertips at all times is phenomenal. I originally got into Instagram because I used to take photos in college and have always loved the photographic medium. So IG was a place for me to express that creative side and showcase my eye. It made me pay more attention to my surroundings and appreciate the little things, from the first snow, to the way the light hits certain buildings.

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