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Worth It: Why You Should Make Smart Indulgent Choices

Food has to be the second most popular topic in any box. Walk into any CrossFit and chances are people are talking about how they can’t wait to go home to eat. Or they’re sharing what they ate last night or what they’re making for dinner. In fact they probably Instagrammed it. And while often this is something healthy, it’s also just as likely that it’s not. It might be donuts, or burgers or pizza. And that’s ok.

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Going from Inspiration to Motivation (or how to get the fuck off the couch)

I am so honored to hear from friends, colleagues and fellow athletes that I inspire them. It's humbling and flattering and, of course, rewarding. But there's definitely a disconnect going on, because while most of them tell me this, the next words out of their mouth are something like "of course I still haven't done anything myself." 

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