My first Podcast

I love Instagram. It's a fantastic medium. And as a creative type and visual person, the idea of having inspirational images at your fingertips at all times is phenomenal. I originally got into Instagram because I used to take photos in college and have always loved the photographic medium. So IG was a place for me to express that creative side and showcase my eye. It made me pay more attention to my surroundings and appreciate the little things, from the first snow, to the way the light hits certain buildings. I live in NYC so it's pretty much and IG'ers dream. But as I got more into CrossFit and started to post my workouts, I started to get a lot of fellow CrossFit followers. So while my IG is still a tribute to NYC and my travels, it's also a heavy dose of deadlifts, squats and snatches. 

One of my followers is a master's athlete herself — Veronica — and she has a podcast which interviews other master's athletes. In the ultimate show of flattery and respect, she asked me to be on her podcast. Now, let me explain that the other people she'd interviewed were CrossFit Games athletes. People who have sponsors and have made some money for this sport. People who are miles better than me athletically. To even be in the same breath as them was beyond humbling. So of course I said yes! 

The funny thing is that it's part of a CrossFit Couples series they're doing and well, I'm not in a couple. Nor am I dating a CrossFitter. But I did get to talk about how CrossFit affects my relationships with men and with friends and family. I'd love for you to support LoneStar Union and go give it a listen. Then come back here and tell me what you thought. As always, it's very real, very raw and very me. In other words NSFW.