Limits Are What We Make of Them

Scaling like a boss 

Scaling like a boss 

“I just figured you could do everything.”

It was during the 2018 CrossFit Open, and I was talking to another member of my box. I mentioned how I couldn’t do a certain movement and she just looked at me and said, “Really? I guess I just figured you could do everything.” It was an amazing compliment. At my age, I always feel proud when people talk about my fitness as something aspirational. But it was also a reminder of where I still need — or want — to go.

It also got me to thinking that not only do we not know what other people are capable of, we don’t know what we ourselves are capable of. The fact that she was so surprised meant that in her eyes, my stumbling blocks were attainable. Of course I could do them. I could do everything. But really, I can’t. Or rather I can’t at this moment.

It’s a reminder of what I have to work on for next year. Not just for the Open, which I don’t care much about other than testing myself and staying healthy, but because having goals is what keeps me motivated. Always having something to work on makes it easier to show up every day and get better. And these goals don’t need to be something as big as ‘get a muscle up’ (which is literally the bottom of my list). They are things like:

  • Kick up into a handstand
  • Do more unbroken double-unders (and remember to breathe!)
  • Drop under the bar during a lift and push my butt back, not my knees forward (this may never happen)
  • Get my strict pull-up back

These seemingly small things will allow me overall improvement in other things. Micro improvements will lead to macro results. And one day, maybe I will be able to do everything. But if I don’t, I’ll know I spent my life trying and improving. And that will be the biggest compliment of all.