Why you should try CrossFit - stories from real-life newbies and veterans

This is part 2 of my 2-part series on why you should try CrossFit. The first post debunked myths about injury, age and fitness level. This offers real perspective from CrossFitters young and old.

What’s the biggest misconception you had about CrossFit prior to starting?

I truly thought that CrossFit was just lifting weights and that's it. I had no idea that there was just as much conditioning involved! - Dominique M.

I thought you had to be in really great shape and super strong to do CrossFit. - Jenny V.

I thought it would be a bunch of jar heads talking about this ridiculous sport like Arnold Schwarzenegger (I want to pump you up!) but most of the people at my box are ladies. - Cassandra S.

That I wouldn’t be able to do it or see any improvements. (hahaha, I had so much faith in myself clearly!) - Rebekah S. 

Looks like Rebekah is definitely improving. 

Looks like Rebekah is definitely improving. 

That I would get seriously injured! – Brenda L.

What about trying CrossFit interested you?

I wanted something that challenged me every day and gave me some goal to work towards. – Kristen H.

The camaraderie really interested me and the fact that it was like having a personal trainer but not as expensive. – Cassandra S.

I was interested in doing a different workout each day. I was also open to the idea of becoming stronger all around. - Dominique M.

I wanted something other than my same boring gym routine and felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. - Jenny V. 

I was tired of going to the gym and getting no results. I was also 5 months from turning 50 and I wanted to rock a bikini! - Lashell C. 

Lashell proving that 50 is fabulous! 

Lashell proving that 50 is fabulous! 

What are 2 or 3 things you love about it?

I love the fact that it really helps my ADHD brain. It’s enough stress that allows me to focus and for this brain that’s like having a vacation. I love our coaches!! They know everyone’s name. They know most of our stories regarding fitness or lack there of and they understand our fears, phobias and our over exuberance. - Krista MK J.

CrossFit, the coaching, the community saw a potential I didn't know I had. It's improved my work life. I have a physical job. It's improved EVERYTHING with my kids. I love the community feel, the competition and the accountability. - Cherise M.

I've gotten SOOOO much stronger in the last 10 months and I have a much better body image now than ever - Cassandra S.

I came to CrossFit as a semi-elite, sponsored runner. I was in good shape. CrossFit kicked my butt, and still continues to kick my butt, in ways running never has or never could. - Samantha B. 

Samantha showing off her kip. 

Samantha showing off her kip. 

I love that it challenges me daily, learning things about my body that I thought it would never do. - Kristen H.

I love the confidence it has given me, how much stronger I am and how welcoming and warm the community is. – Brenda L.

I absolutely love my community - my Box is my second home, therapist and thing to look forward to. I'm stronger than I used to be and much more confident in myself and my abilities! My whole body has transformed from average to fairly muscular. – Michelle A.

I love how it challenges me each and every day, mentally as well as physically. I love that that there’s always something to strive for. I love the way I feel after a WOD: extremely accomplished. I’ve never felt so fulfilled as I am with CrossFit. – Dominique M.

Dominique M. showing her strength.

Dominique M. showing her strength.

What has CrossFit taught you about yourself?

I credit CrossFit and my coaches for making me remember that I always want to be independent! At soon-to-be 56 I’m more dedicated to my health. I can’t do everything but I’m working on EVERYTHING! I only care that I show up and do my best. - Krista MK J. 

I’m way stronger and way more tough than I thought I was. - Cassandra S.

That my body (and mind) is capable of all sorts of crazy awesome things and that I’m so much more than a number on the scale. - Rebekah S.

It has taught me that I really can do things I never thought I could and it's just a mental game. – Kristen H.

That I can be Wonder Woman J - Brenda L.

It's taught me that I can do it and I’m capable of more than I thought. And to go ahead and try something even if it looks/seems hard. You just might surprise yourself. – Jenny V.

It has taught me that the number on the scale doesn't matter. Being strong and confident in my body does. – Michelle A.

Any advice you want to give to people thinking of starting?

Believe in yourself. Don't doubt your ability, keep pushing forward and set small goals for each WOD. And always remember that every experienced CrossFitter was once a beginner. They worked hard to get to where they are now...that alone keeps me going! - Dominique M.