The Awareness Alphabet - Balance is Bullshit

This is an ongoing series that offers 26 ways for you to be aware of the things you need to do in order to make change. This is the second in the series. 

Balance. It might be the biggest buzzword of the 20th Century. And it's a bunch of bullshit. Who decided that balance was something we need to aspire to? Do they expect us to walk around with a scale ensuring we aren't leaning too far one way or the other? Life is messy. Really messy. It's hard enough to get out of the house some days without worrying about the right combination of work, family and life. And frankly, what is that combination? 

So here's something I want you to try. Take the idea of balance and kick it in the balls. Or to the curb if you're squeamish. Because real balance is completely the opposite. Real balance is up and down, like a scale or a see saw. Some days your life is all about work. Some days it's all about family. And some days it's all about other stuff. THAT is true balance. In other words, balance is basically just life. You don't need to strive for some mythical combination of factors to make you happy because that doesn't exist. There's no magic bullet. You simply live and try to find time for things that make you happy. 

Now, if you're never doing anything to make yourself happy or never deriving pleasure from work or family, then you need to start focusing on that immediately. You don't need to love everything about your job or your life but you sure as shit better love something about it. Even if that something is your morning commute where you listen to an amazing podcast that inspires you or makes you laugh. Or the best part of your day is the shower because you are kid- and spouse-free and you can enjoy the solitude or pretend like you're on The Voice. The key is to find something, anything that makes you happy and ensure you get a daily dose of it. THAT is balance. 

So stop reading articles that talk about work-life balance and listening to the media when they decry why women can't have it all. Who wants it all anyway? Let's just be us. Go live your life and do the best you can to make the most of it. They can shove their idea of balance up their asses.