E is for effort

This is an ongoing series that offers 26 ways for you to be aware of the things you need to do in order to make change. This is the fifth post in the series. Catch up on the previous posts. 

Does this sound like you? You run the same pace and distance a few days a week. You do 30 minutes on the elliptical reading a magazine? You do the same weights and reps and sets every week. In other words you workout pretty regularly but you feel like you aren’t seeing results. Maybe you blame the monotony of your routine or maybe you blame your diet or maybe you chalk it up to getting older and having a slow metabolism. But how much effort are you putting into those workouts? Are you truly pushing yourself every time? Do you literally collapse on the floor afterwards because you know you gave it everything you had?

My guess is no. Because, most of us don’t. Most of us might THINK we’re giving our all but we’re actually giving a fraction of what we’re capable of. I speak from experience. Before CrossFit, I didn’t know what effort was. I thought I was pushing myself every day. I sweated. I felt good afterwards but in all honesty, I was going to a limit I thought I had, not the ever-moving limits we can have if we work harder. Let me say that again, there’s always another gear. Always.

As hard as CrossFit is, the thing that hooked me was being able to finish a workout I thought was impossible. And yes, I’m on the floor most days because when your workout is 5 minutes or 10 minutes or 20, you push. You give it everything you have because once you’re done, you’re done. And you don’t want to be able to do more afterwards. You want to think, “wow, I busted my ass for 10 minutes and I probably worked harder than if I ran for 30 minutes.”  That’s the point.

Remember, this is YOUR time. This is about you. So who deserves more effort than you? No distractions. No kids. No family. No work. Just you and your workout, whatever that may be. So dial it up. A lot.

Find the gear you didn’t know you had. Try going ham ! If you burn out quickly, then so be it, but at least you know you pushed. There’s nothing worse than finishing a workout and thinking, “I could have gone heavier” or “I could have done it faster.” So don’t let that happen. Give it everything you have. And then give it some more. Remember, you are investing in yourself and the only way to change is to create it.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So stop going insane. Try something new. The results will come, I promise.