Dump doubt

I don’t understand doubt. And no, I’m not a narcissist or a sociopath. I’m just me. But I’m also quite capable of acknowledging how much work I put into being me.

Let’s break it down for a second. I’ve been writing — professionally — for 20+ years. So when I pitch a job or I talk to a potential client, why would I ever think I’m not qualified or the role is too big for me? Of course I’m qualified. I’ve been immersed in this space and learning all I can to keep getting better for years. I’ve put in the work. Doubting I can do it doesn’t even enter the realm. I have absolutely no qualms about telling people I’m really good at what I do. Because I am! Clients come back to work for me. Former colleagues hire me. I have a damn impressive resume.

No better feeling than getting a text like this from a client. 

No better feeling than getting a text like this from a client. 

Now, this doesn’t mean no one out there is better than me. But I’m not thinking about other people. I’m only thinking about me. What I can deliver. What I bring to the table. Because that’s the only element in the equation that matters. I can’t control other people but I can control me. If a client talks to me or looks at my resume or my body of work and doesn’t think I’m right for them, that’s on them, not on me. I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m no less talented. It’s just not the right fit. Or they’re shortsighted or stupid (lol).

I’m far from perfect. I’ve had missteps in my career. I’ve done things or said things I’m not proud of. I’ve not performed 100% or not been happy with a deliverable, but I’ve learned. I’ve grown. I’ve excelled and improved. I’ve taken those missteps and turned them into stepping stones. They’re how I’ve improved. Remember, if you never fail, you never learn.

Think about it, you’ve spent all your life in your skin, working on your career, your mind and your body, why the fuck would you doubt yourself?  

How much work has gone into making YOU happen? Years of school. Years of continued learning. Years of maybe dieting and exercising, of battling with food, of wrestling with your brain and your body. Years of job changes and bosses. Years of marriages and children. Years of LIFE!

You’ve EARNED everything you are now and everywhere you want to go. No doubt. Stop letting unknown and frankly, nonexistent factors dictate how you feel about yourself. YOU are the only one who can control how you feel and how you show up everyday. No one can give that to you and no one can take that away.

So let’s make doubt that asshole ex- boyfriend or girlfriend and dump the crap out of it. Because it’s no longer worth your time. You’ve got better things on the horizon and it’s time to go make them happen.