Just say Thank you and smile - or - How to take a fucking compliment

This might be the best and most accurate thing I've ever seen. And the most sad. Ladies, WTF? Why is it so hard for you to accept someone saying something nice about you? Seriously! It has to stop. Now.

Have you ever paid a man a compliment? When you tell him he's looking buff or he has a nice tie, does he demur and say, "Really? I haven't worked out in ages. I feel like a blob." Or "This old thing. I'm pretty sure my Grandpa could make this look better." No, he doesn't. Men say thank you and move on. They don't feel the need to put themselves down or brush off the compliment. They accept it. Which is the WHOLE POINT OF BEING GIVEN ONE. If you throw back a qualifier to the person who paid you a compliment, you are basically saying Fuck you. Like, they aren't sincere and they shouldn't pretend to say something nice because they don't mean it. You're essentially calling them a liar. 

And I don't want to hear about how you don't feel good about yourself or how you don't like to be the center of attention and that's why you do it. Screw that. You're insulting the complimenter and pretty much ensuring they'll never say anything nice about you again. Let's be honest, most women are silently judging you all the time. And maybe the men too. Because people are assholes. Especially in today's internet world. You know that everything you do is scrutinized and judged. It's a fact. So if someone takes the time to actually say something nice to you, they mean it! If they didn't mean it, they'd just sit there and let their brain say all the mean things it wants about you. But if they tell you out loud that you look like you've lost weight, or they like your shirt or your haircut, this is a genuine statement. This is something they thought you would want to hear. So just smile and say Thank you. That is all they are expecting in return. 

Now I want you to practice. Either ask a friend or family member to say something nice about you and do your best to simply say Thank you, or practice in front of a mirror. Whatever you need to do. Just smile and say thank you. I promise if you do this enough, not only will you feel amazing, you'll actually get more compliments. And you'll probably boost your self esteem because you aren't putting yourself down. You don't have to love everything about yourself for this to work (although that should be the end goal). You just have to be able to appreciate that people might love something about you. So let them.